How Are Dirty Ovens Dangerous For Your Health

Do you have an oven in your house? Most probably. In truth, this isn’t even a question you need to be asking someone as most people, especially those who like to cook their own food or live with families, consider it a basic necessity of life.

Any fully furnished kitchen in a household needs an oven that is clean and functioning. Baked items are a regular part of the diet for most of us, which would be impossible to make on your own without a good oven.

Now if you take required care of your oven and don’t let it get too dirty, you are off the hook in a sense that you are not at risk for the threats a dirty oven presents. Cleaning your stove and your oven is as important as cleaning anything else in your house. If you don’t feel you are up to the task adequately, you can call on the professionals who will do this job for you. However, you cannot just let it sit without doing anything about fixing the built up materials aka dirt, in your oven.

Let’s take a look at how a dirty oven can be dangerous for you in more than one way.

Dirty ovens are a Fire Hazard

From 2009 to 2013, 45% of the home fires in the US happened because of some sort of cooking appliance, which oven are incidentally. This was revealed in the NFPA’s 2015 report. The same reason was cited for more than 52% home fires in the UK as well. This goes to show how important it is for people to have their ovens properly cleaned. The sooner you realise that, the better it is for the safety of your home, family and yourself.

Quality of Your Meals May be Compromised

Your food needs to be nutritious and hygienic, that is the number one requirement for any food item. The problem is if a food is unhygienic in any way, it also compromises the nutritious elements. Therefore, making sure that the quality of your meals is at an optimum level is a must. Which is why a dirty oven can be a problem.

Food particles, dirt, smoke, and other items lying and rotting in the oven are a detriment to your health. So our advice is that you shouldn’t compromise on the health of your meals and thus, stay healthy.


The Oven May Generate Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odourless and colourless gas that is very dangerous for humans, especially in the case of prolonged exposure. Another problem related to CO exposure is that its early symptoms are nearly identical to that of cold and flu. This makes it all the more difficult to ascertain whether a) it is carbon monoxide poisoning and b) whether your oven is leaking Carbon Monoxide or not.

The production of CO in an oven takes place after the blocking of vent holes due to dirt and dropped food particles. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to regularly clean your oven according to the instructions from the manufacturer or cleaning expert.

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7 Home cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Cleaning is a chore without which your life becomes miserable, even though the same can be said for most chores. Cleaning your house is a responsibility most of us have to do from time to time. It is only fair that we do it in a way that makes life easier for us while getting the job done in a satisfying manner. Here are some cleaning and organising tips that will come in handy the next time you decide to clean your house.

Tip #1: Clean Your Oven and Stove Regularly

The most surefire way to avoid any mess in your kitchen is to clean it every night before you go to sleep. This way, your weekly or monthly comprehensive cleaning session wouldn’t need to be as intense and time-consuming as otherwise. You should understand that a dirty oven is not just a detriment to itself, but also your health.

Tip #2: Clean Up As You Go

It may be a cliché now but “Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today” is a sound advice in every aspect of life, home cleaning included. Whether you are working in a kitchen or anywhere else, make it your habit to clean up as you go. This saves you from facing a big mess at the end of your work or the next day because sooner or later you will have to clean up, so why not make it less work by not letting it pile up.


Tip #3: Never Let Your Toilet Become Filthy

Buy a bathroom cleaner that is proven quality, and clean your toilet before any lime scale or stains build up. Unless you like scrubbing at filthy toilets, this is the best way to keep your washrooms free from any pungent smells and unhygienic air quality.

Tip #4: Always Keep the Drains Clear

If your drains are clogged and start spilling, it can lay ruin to all your cleaning efforts and beautiful interiors. Using drain cleaners is helpful in this regard and in addition, you can also pour boiling water down your drains once a week to make sure you are not caught unawares by a clogged drain.

Tip #5: A Clean Floor Keeps You Healthy

Floor cleaning is the main aspect of house cleaning for most people. They don’t consider the deed done without a thorough cleaning of the floor, be it carpet, wood, vinyl or any other material, which makes sense as we spend most of our time on the said floor. Hire professionals if you don’t think you are up to the task i.e. removing all the dirt and grime from the floors and carpets.


Tip #6: Regulate the Temperature While Doing Laundry

While it makes no difference most of the time if you use hot or cold water when doing laundry, there are some items that are better off being washed in hot water. These include towels, undergarments, and bed sheets. Also, make sure that you put your clothes in the dryer as soon as possible after the wash in order to stop any bacteria growth in the damp.

Tip #7: Dusting before Vacuuming Is More Sensible

Think about it, if you dust after vacuuming, you are wasting away all the effort you spent vacuuming in the first place. That is why it is standard practice that household items are dusted before vacuuming is started.

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5 Carpet Cleaning Myths That Must Be Avoided

Carpet cleaning methods have evolved and changed a lot in the last century, considering carpets have been around for a lot longer. In the past, a simple sweeping was deemed sufficient for a usual cleanup and a regular wash enough for special occasions, now the scenario is a little bit different. You need professional approaches and personnel to keep your carpets well-maintained and cleaned.

In this piece, we will be discussing a few carpet cleaning myths that need to be snuffed as they are proving to be detrimental to the health of the carpets and the people living on those carpets.

Myth#1: I don’t need to have my carpet cleaned if I vacuum it regularly

Absolutely not true. Vacuums are not meant for comprehensive cleaning and they can in no way replicate the success of professional methods. This myth is by far the most believed in the whole world and is probably the main reason why people get sick from their carpets. Vacuum cleaners can’t pluck out the dirt, bacteria and germs from the deep roots in the carpets which is why you need professionals.

Myth#2: My carpet is rather new and also looks clean

Looking clean has nothing to do with being clean, that is true for everything, and carpets are no exception. Some carpets are actually notorious for camouflaging dirt deep in the fibres. While it is true that the newest carpets don’t need extensive professional cleaning, you would be well advised to have it done within the year in order to keep your carpet in optimum condition.


Myth#3: I have my machine, I don’t need professionals

Modern carpet cleaning machines are more complicated than ever, they require training and experience on the owner’s part for effective use. It is commendable that you bought your own machine but the intricacies of how much water to use, how much detergent or chemical, the right level of moisture or pressure, can be hard to know. Slight misuse can, in return, harm your carpet even more.

Myth#4: Cheaper carpet and cleaning on my own will save me money

If you don’t have to buy a carpet every couple of years because cheap carpet’s cheap material didn’t run its course, or don’t have to pay for healthcare and medicine bills because the indoor air quality around your self-cleaned carpet didn’t lead to sickness in your house, then you will have saved money. But if these things did happen, then you wouldn’t be saving money anymore.

Myth#5: Cleaning with steam or chemicals would shrink the carpet

Carpet cleaning professionals understand what cleaning material and technique is suited for each type of carpet, they wouldn’t work in a way that makes your carpet shrink. In any case, the steam and chemicals don’t work in a way that shrinks carpets and even if it did, you will have guaranteed services and complete insurance from the cleaning company that this will not happen.

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5 Things Every Good Car Valeting Service Will Offer You

If you are a car owner, you can’t use it for long before you need a car valeting service that can provide the necessary professional maintenance to it. The failure to do so on your part would be the equivalent of forgetting to refuel the car tank because you were too busy driving. So, as you probably know already, every car requires some interior and exterior service, and who better to do it than professionals.

Most drivers in Britain already understand that, according to a survey done a few years ago, almost 78% of the car owners prefer to have their cars washed and valeted by professionals due to several reasons. The tediousness of the task, a busy life, and mainly because it is good value for money.

When you take your car to a professional car valeting service for a comprehensive session of servicing and maintenance, there are five main things you should expect. What are those? Let’s find out and discuss briefly.

Internal Cleaning

The inside of the car can get very dirty, especially the foot mats and car upholstery. If you have children who like to eat snacks during long drives or you yourself eat often in the car, then the chances are that you would welcome an internal cleaning o your car.

In this process, all the seat covers and mats in your car would either be washed or thoroughly cleaned i.e. vacuuming. Couple that with the dusting and cleaning of glasses, dashboard and the other usual places, and you will have a very pleasant car indeed.

External Cleaning

The outside of all the car windows, the windshields, the body and everything on the exterior of the car should be scrupulously washed and cleaned during this process. Most people think they can do this, but in doing so, they miss out on the professional meticulousness and further polishing of the outer side of their car. For the complete work, always hire the professionals.



Minor scratches, paint colour problems, and other small issues are handled rather comfortably by polishing the body of the car. A car can get a lot of niggles during the course of all the travel. Polishing comes right in and fixes the blips that may compromise the clean look of your car.


As evident by its name, the waging technique complements the polishing process used to enhance or maintain the shiny and immaculate look of your car. It also ensures that the polishing on a car remains sustainable and worth its price for a long time.

Professional Guarantee

No credible car valeting and cleaning service that knows how to do its job would offer zero guarantees. Most of the time, first-time customers would either get a money back guarantee or some other form of compensation if they don’t like the work of a car valeting service. So if you see a service not adhering to this attitude, do your research on them.

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Why Professional Window Cleaning Is Beneficial For Your Windows?

You don’t want to live or work in a place that either isn’t clean and hygienic enough or doesn’t look like it is cleaned. Windows should, therefore, be cleaned in a manner which befits the civilised people who understand the importance of having windows in the first place.

Windows can get dirty from a lot of things, be it dust, rain, bird droppings, or other factors. So it is necessary to have them regularly cleaned, preferably by the hands of professionals who do this for a living.

Above all, if you are a business, having unclean windows is the opposite of how you should be maintaining your workplace. Not only is it an embarrassment for you but also for your employees. If you want to endorse yourself and your business as competent and reliable, you would do well to make your office a place that you can be proud of, and that can’t happen without having clean windows.

pexels-photo-226515Similarly, living in a house, especially with children, is much more hygienic, safer, and healthier if your floor, upholstery, carpets, windows and other areas are clean and not a health risk.

The best way to have your windows cleaned thoroughly and for good, at least for a considerable amount of time, is to call on the professionals. Let’s look at a few reasons why professional window cleaning is better for you.

Professional Cleaning Is Quick & Precise

Professional window cleaning services employ experienced and trained cleaners who are adept at cleaning windows, as well as all other types of domestic cleaning services. There competency and experience makes it possible for them to be precise, efficient and quick in carrying out their jobs. Besides, new and improved methods of cleaning are introduced regular and professionals are more likely to be knowledgeable about them with appropriate training.


Professional Cleaning Is Available In Affordable Rates

There is such a wide variety of cleaning services in the market, you can choose the one that suits your budget without much trouble. Most services offer special discount packages if you also hire them for other services such as floor cleaning or carpet cleaning. If you need professional help in those areas, you should get those deals.


Professional Cleaning Services offer You Guaranteed Satisfaction

Compared to other fields, there is a very high number of professional window cleaning services that offer a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning work of any window cleaning service, you can get a full or partial refund. Just make sure you find a reliable service such as us.

Professional Cleaners Ensure Their Workers’ Safety

Residential window cleaning is usually not dangerous so therefore people can do it themselves, even if they can’t do as good a job as a professional, they are still not in danger, unless you live in a multiple story building. However, when it comes to commercial building, especially skyscrapers or even normal sized building in commercial areas, the windows are usually very high and cleaning them from outside is not for the weak-hearted.


Therefore, you can’t expect amateurs to clean these kinds of windows with a satisfactory level of effectiveness while also giving themselves a higher chance of avoiding injury and accident than the professionals.

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Introducing the VLM (Very Low Moisture) Carpet Cleaning Method

Cleaning a carpet has always been a rather tricky aspect of owning one. No matter how beautiful your prestigious carpet looks and feels, there comes a time when you need to have your carpets cleaned. This is where VLM (Very Low Moisture) Cleaning method comes in. It is one of the many carpet cleaning methods popular these days and is far better known by its other name, Dry Carpet Cleaning.

When we talk about carpet cleaning techniques, vacuum washing and steam cleaning procedures come to the mind as they are either really comprehensive, as in the case of the latter, or have been around for a long time like the former. Dry carpet cleaning is a bit of an outlier in this regard, it is not as comprehensive as hot water extraction, i.e. steam cleaning, and not as well-known as some other methods, but provides its own set of qualities and benefits.


Let’s take a brief look at the process of dry carpet cleaning, some misconceptions and myths about employing such a process to clean your carpets.

What is the Process?

Actually, there are a couple of different variations when it comes to very low moisture carpet cleaning.

The most effective form of dry carpet cleaning is called the encapsulation technique where the dirty part of the rug is encapsulated by the dry chemicals which isolate the dirt from the fibres of the carpet. If needed, the carpet can also be scrubbed in the presence of the chemical to achieve the required level of cleaning. After the dirt is separated, it is cleaned using a vacuum.

Another recognised dry carpet cleaning method is bonnet cleaning which utilises a shampoo solution to clean the carpet surface and later uses cotton pads aka bonnets to clean the solution that now contain all the dirt.

The most “wet” dry carpet cleaning method is called dry foam carpet cleaning and it uses a cleaning foam composed of water and shampoo. This solution is applied to the carpet and often a rotating brush is also used to enhance its effect. The solution is then lifted using a vacuum cleaner along with all the dirt.

What are the Misconceptions?

There are many misconceptions about carpet cleaning in general and dry carpet cleaning in particular. Some of the myths are quite easily dissipated with quick Google search however, people don’t usually think of doing so due to the conviction of their beliefs. Here is the debunking of some of those misconceptions.

  • The myth that dry carpet cleaning is not entirely dry. It is in its other, more technical name, Very Low Moisture Cleaning. In reality, there will always be some moisture but it will be far less than other methods.
  • On the contrary, if you are worried about the leftover residue and the resultant quick re-soiling, then using better carpet extraction methods would squash that fear fairly quickly.
  • It is also a misconception that dry carpet cleaning is not dry and takes as much time as other methods to dry which are not true. It only takes about a couple of hours at most.
  • “Dry carpet cleaning is not a viable method since it doesn’t use enough water.” This is so not true, the method is called dry not because of insufficient use of water but due to the proper and economical use of water.

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Introduction to the Water Fed Poling Window Cleaning System

Whether you are in the window cleaning business or just someone who like to have the windows clean and spotless, you need to be aware of Water Fed Poling system that is increasingly being used to clean windows in various parts of the world. This method is different from the traditional window cleaning methods in terms of materials used, the time consumed, safety, and quality of cleaning among other ways.pexels-photo-24464

Water Fed Poling System uses pure water to clean the windows as high as 80 feet without requiring any ladders or boom lifts. The good thing is that you also don’t need a squeegee or sponge to dry the water and/or soap as it dries without leaving even a minor trace.

Before we get into more detail about this method, let’s look at the qualities of pure water and why it is used in a method such as this.

Purified water doesn’t contain any minerals in it and is, therefore, much more helpful than regular water in two ways. First, it is capable of acting as a lubricant and breaking the dirt residing on the windows, and second, once the windows are rinsed after the wash, the water dries automatically and leaves no residue in its wake.

Also, purified water is a much better solvent so even if you don’t use soap while cleaning windows, the water will dissolve and absorb the dirt and other substances better than normal water. The window can then be rinsed rather easily.

After reading this, if you are thinking that Water Fed Poling System requires you to arrange for lots of purified water, then let us tell you, that is not the case. The system comes with a reverse osmosis purifier and the cleaner can get normal water from a regular connection attached to the system. The purifier does the rest.

This method of window cleaning is also popular because it is much safer than the traditional methods. Normally, when window cleaning services are acquired by businesses, they are often located in multistory buildings. This requires either ladders, boom lifts, or hanging platforms, the latter being the most dangerous of all. It often happens that the equipment required for such methods is not maintained properly which leads to either safety issues or less frequent cleaning, both of which are not desirable.

Water Fed Poling system, on the other hand, comes with poles that can reach as high as 80 feet. Thus, eliminating the need for any ladders and lifts in most cases. This aspect of water fed poling where no one has to go up is very desirable for the businesses as well as window cleaning services since in this case, they are not liable for the safety of the individuals working at such heights.

city-weather-glass-skyscrapersA brush is attached to the end of the high poles where a hose runs soap up to the brush. After the scrubbing is done, pure water is used to wash the glass. After the initial wash, more water is used to rinse the windows and then the job is complete.

This technique has made window cleaning much safer than previously. Although the amount of water used is increased tenfold, there should be no compromise on the safety of a human being. Water can be saved through other methods.

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All You Need To Know About Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods in the world because of how comprehensively carpets are cleaned with this method. You may be surprised to know that no real steam is involved in this method, instead, very hot water is used, giving the whole process a steamy look. Since hot water is one of the key cleaning ingredients, this method is also known as “Hot Water Extraction.”

carpet cleaningWhy Steam Cleaning Is Necessary?

Contrary to what many people think, it is necessary to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned after every few months. Normal vacuuming and sweeping can only remove the dirt on the surface which leaves most of the different bacteria, pollens, tobacco residue, germs, hair, dust mites and other miniscule objects rooted deep in the carpet’s fibers. To remove all these unwanted things from your home, a deep cleaning method like Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning is the perfect solution.

What Is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Very hot water, in combination with cleaning lubricants, is sprayed with an extremely high pressure into the carpet, this water is then immediately extracted with a vacuum which is part of the same steam cleaning machine that sprayed the water in the first place.

The quick pressure of hot cleaning solution – driven deep into the roots of fibers and the base of the carpet – allows the solution to clean the carpet of all the dirt and hazardous particles residing there. The subsequent sudden extraction makes sure that the chemicals do not negatively affect the carpet by settling in it. In this aspect, the steam carpet cleaning method holds an advantage over the methods like dry foam cleaning where there is a chance that some residue of the chemical i.e. cleaning solution remain in the carpet after it is cleaned and dried.

How Long Does The Whole Process Take?

Steam cleaning can’t be done on the go, you have to prepare for it a little more than say, simple vacuuming. Whether you are doing it yourself or you have called for professionals, you need to clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner so that all the surface dust is removed. Move the lighter furniture out of the room, and you are ready for the cleaning.

Once the carpet is cleaned which can take half an hour for one room, you need to leave the carpet to dry for a couple of days, so all in all, the whole process doesn’t take more than 48 hours before you are ready to resume normal routine involving the said carpet.

If you walk on the wet carpet, make sure your feet are clean or wear clean socks. While placing heavy furniture inside on the wet carpet, using a foam padding so that the furniture doesn’t leave any marks on the wet carpet.

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